IMF UG members exhibiting at IBC 2018

Below is a list of IMF UG members exhibiting at IBC 2018. Join us!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 5.C72, 5.C80
Avid 7.B55
Dalet Digital Media Systems 8.B77
Deluxe 7.C49
Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 2.A11
Etere 8.B89
EBU (European Broadcasting Union) 10.F20
Fraunhofer Alliance Digital Media 8.B80
Hybrik, Inc, 14.B36
Interra Systems 7.C09
Marquise Technologies 7.D49
nablet 7.A06
Ownzones 5.C80
Prime Focus Technologies 7.C05
Rohde & Schwarz 7.B21
Sundog 9.LP4
Technicolor 15.MS26
Tedial 8.B41
Telestream 7.C16
TMD Ltd 2.B59
Venera Technologies 7.A34
Videomenthe 2.B39
Vidispine AB 3.B38
XPERI / DTS 14.A41
Yella Umbrella 9.LP25

Deploying component-based workflows: experiences from the front-line

We are hosting a session at the IBC conference this year:

Deploying component-based workflows: experiences from the front-line
12:30-14:00 PM on Saturday 15 September 2018 in the Emerald room

The content landscape is shifting, with an ever-expanding essence and metadata repertoire, viewing experiences, global content platforms and automated workflows. Component-based workflows and formats, such as the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) standard, are being deployed to meet the challenges brought by this shift. Come and join us for a first-hand account from those on the front-lines.


Chris Fetner, Netflix
Lucas Carboni, Fox
Sam Johnson, Disney
Usman Shakeel, Amazon Web Services
Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures Entertainment

SMPTE TC 35PM plugfest at IRT [MAY 29]

SMPTE, in association with the Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH (IRT), is conducting a face-to-face IMF Plugfest on May 29, 2018 at the IRT in Munich.

The test subjects will be:
• Playing and creating IMF packages with IMSC1.0 captions/subtitles
• Creating and playing different versions. This will be both creating versions using elements supplied within a package
and also by the addition of a supplemental package to a main package.
• SMPTE RDD 45/ProRes image content within an IMF package.

To participate, please join the SMPTE TC 35PM Plugfest Drafting Group.

Full details at: TC 35PM May 2018 Plugfest @ IRT Announcement