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The following lists self-identified IMF tools and services. To be added, please fill out the form.

CineCert Inc. Software for IMF mastering, validation and workflow management.
Colorfront IMF Authoring, IMF QC, IMF Playback.
Marquise Technologies MIST (Media Ingest Stream Transcode), ICE (Image Control Engine), TORNADO
Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR) EIDR is the ISO 26324 globally-unique audiovisual identifier for content (abstractions, versions, and encodings) in IMF and related Media & Entertainment applications.
The Title Registrar EIDR ID Services (including for non-EIDR Members)
Ownzones Media Network We provide an cloud based Flat->IMF & IMF->Flat transcoder and end to end workflow system. Our IMF Transcoder can be licensed for your private cloud and does not need VM servers.
CLIPSTER CLIPSTER is a solution for comprehensive and reliable IMF workflows from creation of OVs and VFs up to delivery QC.
Dalet Galaxy MAM (media asset management with native IMF object management, titles with multiple CPL and supplementals, IMP import and export, CPL transcode to other media formats), AmberFin media processing (simple/complex and complete/uncomplete IMF package creation, CPL transcoding and playback), Flex content supply chain management (IMF package import and metadata extraction, CPL preview generation, package exploration and timeline view).
Fraunhofer IIS easyDCP IMF-Package Authoring/Playback/Validation software suite for Mac and Windows
GIC We provide tools, DVP and IMF Creator, for IMF authoring, validation, playback, and transcoding.
Vubiquity Using our highly automated, enterprise-grade digital distribution platform, our service utilizes the IMF format to automate the video material assembly process. This solves the asset management nightmare and workflow problems.
Deluxe Entertainment Services Group End-to-end services for IMF package creation (including Simple and Complex CPLs for theatrical, episodic, and digital content), transcoding, QC, delivery, and archiving. Add-on services for mastering and localization.
Digital Cinema Mastering Mastering and archiving of IMF packages.
CPL Translator CPL Translator is free tool. Reads Composition Play List (CPL) & Packing List (PKL). Checks DCP’s CPL (SMPTE, Interop) or IMF’s CPL and reports main metadata details. Parses PKL to get package size and assets information.
Pixelogic Media Full IMF Servicing including Mastering, Master QC, Supplemental Versioning and Archival.
fofic Media Solutions graymeta Iris IMF player, Telestream Vantage IMF processing.
castLabs Video Toolkit cloud service for fast encoding, encrypting, watermarking, subtitle conversion, and packaging of video assets including IMF.
MTI FILM IMF Authoring, IMF QC, IMF Playback.
ISAN International Agency The International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN), is the ISO globally unique audiovisual identifier for use as content ID in CPLs.
TransMedia Dynamics TMD provides Content Supply Chain Management solutions for organisations that acquire, manage and deliver media content in multiple formats across multiple distribution platforms to be consumed on multiple devices, including IMF Package ingest and end-to-end workflow management.
Mr MXF Education and workflow consultancy.
Prime Focus Technologies IMF Player
Unravel IMF Mastering services for Theatrical, TV, and other digital content. We also provide validation and QC of IMPs.
Visible Light OnStage 4K IMF Transcoding Software for UHD Blu-ray and Broadcast.
Venera Technologies Venera provides Package Validation, as well as in-depth (Video/audio) QC for IMF packages, on-premise (Pulsar) as well as on the cloud (Quasar) in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud platforms.
Nablet We provide IMF MUX and Demux SDKs, for integrating IMF support into 3rd party products. nablet also has mediaEngine transcoder that includes IMF support.
Elite Media Technologies, LLC Full service IMF Mastering and post production facility. Specializing in creation, versioning, QC, delivery and archive of IMPs.
TEDIAL HYPER IMF: end-to-end IMF MAM solution that supports IMF Package ingest, supplemental file ingests, and creation of unique CPLs for archive, versioning, and delivery. IMF Markup Tool: web-based non-linear editor-like interface with industry standard controls that can rapidly spot-check and quality control IMPs, make dynamic editorial adjustments to picture, audio, or subtitles, and rapidly modify IMPs.
Bitmax Bitmax provides a local and cloud-based IMF package creation solution for efficient storage and distribution of content, supporting both Simple and Complex CPLs.
yellaUmbrella YellaUmbrella produces pay-per-use products in the areas of Subtitling, Audio Description, Audio visualisation, and Timed Metadata. Stellar has the capability to efficiently QC and conform subtitles in a highly multi-language environment, which should be of interest to IMF package production and analysis.
AWS Elemental AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. It allows you to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale from IMF. The service combines advanced video and audio capabilities with a simple web services interface and pay-as-you-go pricing.
MEDIAGAPS NAU Explorer is a tool that allows you to explore the structure of your IMF files.
Trench Digital Consultation and Training offerings for businesses in the media and entertainment industry.
Eikon Group Full IMF Servicing including Mastering, Supplemental Versioning, & QC.
Interra Systems, Inc. Baton – AQC Product for IMF validation and in-depth Audio/Video analysis
Telestream Offers comprehensive solutions for reading (decoding), creating (encoding), editing, and verifying IMF Packages. Vantage Post Producer can decode simple or complex packages and produce flattened outputs, Vantage Transcode Pro can create simple IMF packages from most media files, IMF Producer can create and edit IMF Packages (including Supplemental Packages) using a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, and Vidchecker can QC IMF Packages to ensure compliance.
Dolby Laboratories The Dolby Hybrik service provides cloud-based transcoding from IMF to all distribution formats. The transcoding can be split across many machines for vastly accelerated performance. Hybrik also provides media analysis and quality control for large-scale operations.

Last updated: Friday, December 11, 2020