IMF Plugfests


Gathering of IMF users and implementers where content is created, exchanged, and consumed.

Plugfests are typically in-person, with remote participation through instant messaging, videoconferencing and shared storage.


  • Gain practical experience with IMF
  • Network with members of the community
  • Exercise new features
  • Identify issues with implementations, practices and specifications


Before. Participants select a loose set of themes and provide sample source content and IMF packages around these themes. The content is uploaded to a shared cloud location ahead of the event.

During. Participants interactively exchange, process and create IMF packages based on the sample content. Regular breakouts are held to discuss progress and identify areas of focus.

After. An anonymized summary report is usually published, highlighting successes and challenges encountered.


Plugfests are open to UG members and guests. Discussions that occur during the plugfest are subject to UG confidentiality rules.