What is the IMF UG?

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) User Group (UG) is a forum for the worldwide community of end-users and implementers of the IMF family of standards.

The IMF UG brings together content owners, service providers, retailers and equipment/software vendors to enhance and promote the use of IMF globally, across domains of applications. The IMF UG discusses technical operational issues that arise in practical implementation, conducts and cooperates with other industry bodies and standards organizations on interoperability testing, develops best practices, and seeks to broaden the awareness of IMF.

The IMF UG is organized under the umbrella of the HPA.

What is IMF?

IMF is a file-based framework for the exchange and processing of multiple content versions (airline edits, special edition, languages…) of the same high-quality finished work (feature, episode, trailer, advertisement, etc) destined for distribution channels worldwide. The IMF family standards consists of core specification:

ST 2067-2:2016 Core Constraints https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-2.2016
ST 2067-3:2016 Composition Playlist https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-3.2016
ST 2067-5:2013
ST 2067-5:2013 Am1:2016
Essence Component https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-5.2013
ST 2067-8:2013 Common Audio Labels https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-8.2013
ST 2067-100:2014 Output Profile List https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-100.2014
ST 2067-101:2014 Output Profile List — Common Image Definitions and Macros https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-101.2014
ST 2067-102:2014 Output Profile List — Common Image Pixel Color Schemes https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-102.2014
ST 2067-103:2014 Output Profile List — Common Audio Definition and Macros https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-103.2014

and a number of applications that specializes the framework:

ST 2067-20:2016 Application #2 https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-20.2016
ST 2067-21:2016 Application #2E https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-21.2016
ST 2067-30:2013 Application #3 https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-30.2013
ST 2067-40:2016 Application #4 Cinema Mezzanine https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-40.2016
ST 2067-50:2018 Application #5 ACES https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.ST2067-50.2018
RDD 45:2017 Application ProRes https://doi.org/10.5594/SMPTE.RDD45.2017
TSP 2121-1 Application DPP http://www.smpte.org/technical-specifications/2018-08-16-app-dpp