New edition: Timecode Best Practices

The UG has published a new version of its timecode best practices.

Based on feedback from users and implementers, timecode tracks are now prohibited in IMF Track Files:

  • processors that create Track Files shall not emit MXF Timecode tracks in any IMF Track File.
  • processors that validate Track Files shall warn but not reject an IMF Track File if it contains an MXF Timecode track.
  • In all other cases, processors shall ignore MXF Timecode tracks

Two workshops tackling IMF in archive

We are organizing not one, but two workshops tackling the application of IMF to archival workflows.

Details at the links below.

The deadline for submitting proposed presentations is July 1. Tickets will be made available starting August 1.

Preserving movies with the Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

13 September 2019 at the Eye in Amsterdam, NL

Program chair: Siegfried Foessel

Preserving and re-purposing studio productions using IMF

25 October 2019 in Los Angeles, USA

Program chair: Florian Schleich